Nut butters are crafted mixes of delicious ingredients accompanied with naturally dried fruits (mainly organic). The variety of flavours and pairings will surprise and delight you each week. packed with a recyclable spoon for ease of use. 100% Vegan, gluten free and natural.

Our premium health bars are bursting with heart healthy nuts and seeds, fruits and power foods. They are cold pressed to maximise nutrient content and preserve the integrity of ingredients used. Each and every bar is rolled out and decorated by hand to ensure you enjoy all the flavours nature intended with every single bite. 100% gluten free, dairy free,natural and seriously delicious.

Trail mixes are curated with nuts and seeds and naturally dried fruits (mainly organic) for a burst of flavour. Fruits will be darker in colour to mainstream commercial brands due to the absence of preservatives and sulphites. 100% Vegan, gluten free and natural.

Nut mixes contain raw and dry roasted nuts, sometimes lightly salted. Crunchy, fresh, wholesome. Great sources good fats and protein while being lower in carbs to keep you satiated and full of energy. 100% Vegan, gluten free and natural.

Ready for some healthy snack options without the fuss?

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