What is wholefood?

Wholefood is food that has not been messed with or has gone through very minimal change before you come to eat it. It is food that still looks as it did growing in nature. The benefit to consuming wholefood is that you get access to all the nutrients and fibre in that whole fruit, vegetable, legume, nut or seed that nature has already perfectly arranged. The human body also runs most efficiently on food that is closest to its natural form, so it follows that if you feed your body natural food, your body will be better nourished.

What will I receive in my weekly box?

Your weekly snack box will contain four exciting snacks each and every week. They are designed to be convenient, nutritious, healthy and whole for your guilt-free enjoyment. The snacks are being added to continuously so you’re always guaranteed a variety of ingredients in new combinations. We’re proud of the variety and flavours available to our subscribers and are confident you will love every one. If that isn’t the case however, have developed an intuitive rating system to ensure we’re providing you with more of what you love and none of what you don’t and encourage you to use it if you prefer to tailor your selection of snacks.

Where does source its ingredients? endeavour to source Australian all natural ingredients when in season. Availability does sometimes vary and for this reason, will sometimes rely on imported ingredients. Our first pick is always organic where it is available and sustainable to do so.

How do the ratings affect my box?

If you are loving a particular snack, indicate this by selecting the heart to ensure we send it to you whenever we can. Alternatively, breaking the love with a snack ensures you do NOT receive it, ever. If this were ever to slip through the cracks, simply let us know and we will put it right.

In the case of an allergy, can I exclude a specific nut or ingredient?

We cannot exclude a specific nut or ingredient from an existing snack. However, we have created a wide variety of snacks to ensure there is plenty of to choose from. It is important to remember all our food is packed in the same facility and snacks are not suitable for people who suffer from serious allergies or intolerances as cross-contamination can occur.

Is there a delivery fee for my subscription?

Your snack subscription is $9.97 per week including delivery to any Australian postal address for your healthy convenience.

Is the box environmentally friendly?

At we are committed to the environment just as much as your health. For this reason, your box is made using a recycled board and every element of your weekly snacks are recyclable, ensuring what goes around comes around.

When will I receive my box?

Subscription cut-offs are Wednesday (midnight) for a Thursday morning dispatch. You will then receive your snack box within 1-6 business days depending on your location. That means, If you subscribe to today, your first box will be dispatched on Thursday and every Thursday ongoing until your subscription is paused or cancelled. Subscribe Now!

Why are the fruits dark in colour?

You’ll be pleased to know your fruit isn’t going off! This is simply a feature of fruits that have been naturally dried without the use of colours and preservatives. You’ll find this colour variation across all our organic dried fruits including banana coins, pineapple, apricot and apple rings. Enjoy these knowing you are nourishing yourself with the most natural fruits of the highest quality.

How much of each snack do I get?

Every snack box contains four individually packaged snacks. Each snack will occupy about a handful weighing up to 40g. Every snack has been thoughtfully curated and is jam packed with nutrients to satiate and satisfy you. Having nutritionally substantial meals at meal times means you can keep snacks to a minimum, relying on to bridge the gap between meals in a genuinely healthy way. You can review Our Snacks here to see what Yumminess awaits you!

What are the methods of payment for a snack box subscription?

Payment for your weekly snack box is via credit card (visa, master & AMEX). The payment details are indicated when you first subscribe and can be updated whenever you are logged in.

How long are the snacks good for?

We hope your snacks are enjoyed in the week they are delivered. If something is keeping you from your snack box, refer to the ‘Best Before’ date printed on the sleeve of the box. This is typically 3 months from the date of packaging.

How often will I be billed?

You will be billed $9.97 on a weekly basis (Wednesday’s) for a weekly dispatch (Thursday’s) of your snack box. Your subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We would be sorry to see you go, however, all good things come to an end. If you were to come back our arms would be wide open and our smiles from ear to ear. That’s the family 🙂 But back to the point, cancelling your subscription is easily done by logging in to My Account..

I’ve forgotten my Login or Password. How do I fix it?

Use the Lost my password feature on the Log-in page to reset your password. If you’re still encountering issues, email us so we can get you and your snacks sorted!

How do I update my delivery or payment details?

Delivery and payment details can be updated through My Account. when you log in. Please allow two days for your change of address to take effect.

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